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  • Bob Hoffman


Marketing people speak a language that is unsettling to the human ear, mystifying to the human mind, and an affront to the human soul. 

To help you through this bewildering experience, I have created a glossary of terms that can help you understand what marketing people actually mean when they speak. 

Glossary of Marketing Terminology

Content - anything    

Branded content - anything with a logo  

Compelling content - content           

Storyteller - copywriter

Engage - bother    

Brand architect - marketing intern  Authentic – true-ish sounding    

Transparent – true-ish looking    

Conversation - retweet    

Follower – online stranger who wants something from you     

Advisor - LinkedIn term for unemployed    

Community – online strangers who once clicked your link          

Branding - anything with a logo on it Activation - marketing people doing something    

Workshop - meeting    

Roundtable - meeting

Summit - meeting    

Town hall meeting - meeting    

Training session - powerpoint-induced napping opportunity

Webinar - powerpoint-induced napping opportunity on Zoom

Traditional – derogatory term by marketing people for anything they can’t do well  

Brand advocate - customer   

Brand ambassador - customer    

Brand evangelist - customer

Data-driven - unimaginative    

Brand purpose - something our CEO’s spouse is into

Disruptive - something our CEO’s daughter is into 

Target audience - people like us

There are probably several other marketing terms you’ll come across that you won’t understand. Don’t worry. We don’t understand them either.

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