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Bob is a former ad agency ceo who has written six Amazon #1 selling books about advertising. For more about Bob, go here.


Many otherwise sensible people seem to possess an unhealthy and bewildering confidence in the practice of marketing. I’m afraid I don’t share their enthusiasm. After over forty years in and around the marketing and advertising industries, I find myself more skeptical than ever. I am happy to say that I have met some brilliant marketing people. But just some.

There have been a number of big name companies who have entrusted hundreds of millions of dollars to me to help them sell their stuff. In order to do that I had to pretend to listen to marketing wisdom. I listened respectfully. Then I mostly ignored the experts and did it my way.

Of course, there were times they wouldn’t let me do it my way. This involved months of research, and focus groups, and reports, and powerpoint presentations, and meetings about powerpoint presentations, and reports about meetings, and meetings about memos, and memos about reports about meetings. In other words, an undiluted, full-bodied, multi-disciplinary clusterfuck that invariably resulted in some horseshit about "quality and value."

This thing - I like to think of it as a "book-like web-thing" - is my revenge. I've cherry-picked some stuff I've written and videos I've been a part of about the foibles, failures and fecklessness of traditional marketing wisdom. I've compiled them here for my own entertainment and, hopefully, yours.

Even if you hate this "book-like web-thing," I think it is worth perusing. It will give you the perspective of a smartass know-it-all (that’s me!) who has made a lot of money ignoring the opinions of experts.

And if you like what you read here, maybe you'll even buy one of my real books. Hey, a guy can dream can't he?


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"A fascinating account of an advertising practice little meticulous as it is accessible ...this is an eye-opening book."

- Kirkus Reviews

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"An all-out assault against the ills of the advertising industry. He details its hubris, delusions...egos and drops them all into a garbage can, and lights it on fire."              -Communication Arts

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Bob's first audio book. Over five hours of interviews, lectures, podcasts, and whining.

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"One of our truly great marketing iconoclasts."

- Mark Ritson

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Best Of Marketing, 2017"

-The Drum

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"I'm jealous. I wish I'd been brave enough to be this rude."

- Byron Sharp

All of Bob's books can be found here

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