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  • Bob Hoffman


Inter-Galactic Worldwide Doofus Predicts End of Advertising

Just when you think every meatball who's ever predicted the end of advertising has either been hung, jailed, or sentenced to life at the permanent rotating 4A’s conference on “transformation,” up pops another one.

This one is the “Global Brand Experience Manager” for Facebook. I’m pretty sure everything you need to know about him is explained in his title.

According to this guy, traditional advertising and marketing are nearing their end and they will be replaced by “many lightweight interactions.” Well, if anyone should know about lightweight interactions it’s Facebook.

We have all read this same “advertising is dead” nonsense a thousand times over the past decade, and the idea that someone is still spouting it is a pretty good tribute to the enduring power of stupidity. As I write this, online advertising alone has surpassed $600 billion in ad spend.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would publish another article entitled “Is The End Near For Traditional Advertising?” but there it is at a website called The Daily Dose, which is apparently run by Entrepreneur magazine. The perpetrators of The Daily Dose apparently live in some kind of upper-crust twit dream world. Get this...

“Much like the way we develop friendships over a period of time, an entire generation of advertisers will need to plan their marketing scenarios around the concept of building relationships. We often meet new acquaintances through friends. We chat them up, maybe catch them later at a party with other mutual acquaintances, discover we have similar interests, and, before you know it, we’re all packed up and off on a weekend ski trip together in Vermont.”

How utterly charming. We’re all cozy and snug in our weekend ski chalet in Vermont. Gag me with a chair lift.

I swear, these “marketing relationship”doofuses have left orbit. They are so far out of touch with real people that you can’t even write parodies any more. Most of these “relationship” goobers couldn’t sell a tattoo to a barista.

As George Tannenbaum brilliantly put it...“They are the the great unaccountables who produce nothing but hot air, nothing that lives and breathes, nothing that has an impact in the market. Nothing you can pin down.”

But hell, who’s got time for that when all your fabulous friends are waiting for you up in Vermont?

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